Dedicated Purpose

Saint Luke's commitment to medical education and research includes a strong foundation of endowed chairs

We're pleased to share a new report on the activities of our Endowed Chair holders at Saint Luke's Hospital.  Charitable support of these chairs, and our role as a private teaching hospital, is critical to sustaining Saint Luke's reputation as a leader in quality, research, and innovation. We’re glad to share the important outcomes of their work.

Currently, we have 10 occupants who are engaged in a range of teaching and research activities at Saint Luke’s Hospital, University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) School of Medicine, and Saint Luke’s College of Health Sciences.  In addition to their clinical and academic responsibilities, they are involved in various outreach efforts to women, seniors, and others in our community.

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Saint Luke's has a longstanding history as a teaching hospital. Dr. Herman Pearse established the first Saint Luke's nursing education program as early as 1903. Medical education got its formal start in 1920, when medical interns lived and worked onsite, in exchange for free room and board and a stipend of $25 per month. 

Saint Luke's affiliation with the UMKC School of Medicine began in the 1970s, with a formal partnership signed in 1989 establishing Saint Luke's as the primary private teaching hospital for UMKC. 

Both Saint Luke's and UMKC recognize the importance of endowed chairs to the future of the medical school, Saint Luke's Health System, and the advancement of innovative health care. 

In the 1990s, Saint Luke's medical education and research programs were bolstered through Saint Luke's Foundation's "Strength Amidst Change" campaign. One of the most significant outcomes was the establishment of six endowed chairs affiliated with UMKCā€”the first endowed chairs in Saint Luke's history.

In the years that followed, the Foundation has fostered the establishment of additional chairs, bringing the total to 14, six of which are shared with the UMKC School of Medicine. They cover a range of areas, including internal medicine, emergency medicine, cardiovascular disease, nursing, geriatrics, neuroscience, breast disease, gastroenterology, and more.

Charitable contributions have been instrumental in establishing and supporting these endowed chairs, with additional matching funds from the Missouri Endowed Chair program. We are truly grateful for our donors' support, which makes these positions and our unique role as a private teaching hospital possible for the benefit of our Kansas City community and beyond.


Two Saint Luke's endowed chair holders, David J. Cohen, M.D., M.Sc. (left), and John Spertus, M.D., MPH, were named by Thomson Reuters as two of the World's Most Scientific Minds of 2014.