Estate Review Sessions
with Thompson & Associates

A free service offered to friends of Saint Luke's Foundation.

Participation is confidential and without obligation.

As a service to our friends and donors, Saint Luke’s Foundation offers confidential and comprehensive estate planning services at no charge and with no obligation. Utilizing the planning resources available through one of the nation’s leaders in charitable estate planning, Thompson & Associates, our advisor Michael Geis will personally guide you through a thorough and thoughtful process to help structure your estate plans according to your wishes.

If you already have an estate plan, Michael can provide an unbiased second opinion about your options. An estate plan is never “final” until its creator can no longer change it. Changes in assets, interests, family situations and tax laws necessitate regular reviews and updates to assure that your plan addresses your priorities.

For more information about any of the steps below or to schedule an appointment, we invite you to contact Susan Melton at or (816) 932-9083. Download the Estate Plan Review Session brochure »

Introductory Meeting

An initial private meeting is arranged between you and Michael Geis, a Thompson & Associates estate planner at a location that is most convenient for you. Saint Luke’s Foundation representatives will not be present for this session or any future meetings unless you specifically request their attendance.

After the first meeting, you decide whether or not to continue with the process. If you choose to continue, Michael will meet with you approximately three to six times over a series of monthly visits to complete the process.
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Your Estate Planning Goals and Objectives

After completing a simple questionnaire, Michael will work with you to help clarify your estate planning goals. Goals may include financial needs for you, your spouse and heirs, including special needs situations. Planning also addresses how to avoid unnecessary taxes and ways to achieve your personal charitable goals.
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Personal Philosophy Statement

From the information gathered, Thompson & Associates prepares a Personal Financial Philosophy statement, which concisely confirms and restates your values and objectives.
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Estate Asset Review

Thompson & Associates will assist you in creating a Net Worth Statement to aide in the development of a comprehensive estate plan.
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Plan Development and Review

Using the Personal Financial Philosophy statement, you will be presented with estate planning options that meet your personal objectives. If you desire, Michael will meet with your professional advisor(s) to discuss the recommendations. You are welcome to invite your advisor(s) to attend your meetings with Michael.
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Plan Implementation

You will receive the completed plan. The implementation of the plan, or any portion of the plan, is done by you with your own advisors. Your decisions about which nonprofits to support, if any, are entirely yours.
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Please note: Thompson & Associates does not draft legal documents, manage money, sell any products, or ask you to make a gift.

Michael Geis
of Thompson & Associates

Michael Geis is a Senior Vice President with Thompson & Associates and an advisor to the Saint Luke’s Foundation. He is devoted to helping individuals plan their retirement estate to meet their personal objectives. Michael has achieved the distinction of Fellow with the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy, a professional certification entrusted to approximately 70 individuals worldwide.