The Heritage Society

Since its earliest beginnings in 1882, Saint Luke's Hospital has enjoyed a rich heritage of private and community support.

The purpose of the Heritage Society is to strengthen and continue a mission of healing, medical education, and research for generations to come.

Who can be part of the Heritage Society?

Anyone who includes Saint Luke's Foundation in their will, trust, life insurance, annuity or other estate plan is invited to be a member of the Heritage Society.

What do I do as a member? 

You do not need to attend meetings, but you'll be invited to an annual event for an insider's report on the hospital. You'll also receive a framed sketch of the hospital as a token of our appreciation. In addition, you may have the option of being recognized in Foundation publications or remaining anonymous.

How can I learn more? 

If you would like to discuss planned giving options and membership in the Heritage Society, please contact Mike VanDerhoef, Foundation CEO/Senior Vice President of Development at or (816) 932-2941.

The Heritage Society continues a Saint Luke's tradition of committed people serving others.

Saint Luke's Hospital, circa 1935