Ways to Give

There are many ways to make a planned gift, just as there are many needs to be met.

Explore how these giving options can help you meet your personal goals and the needs of your loved ones. For more information about any of these options below, we invite you to contact Michael VadDerhoef, Executive Director/Senior VP of Development, at mvanderhoef@saint-lukes.org or (816) 932-2941. We'd be happy to visit with you, without obligation.

Appreciated Stock

Appreciated Stock makes an excellent charitable gift. Under current tax laws, when an appreciated asset (such as stock) is sold, a capital gains tax is due. By making a charitable gift of the appreciated stock, you can avoid or delay the capital gains tax. You can also take an immediate income tax deduction for the current fair market value of the stock, no matter what was originally paid for it. To take a deduction for gifts of appreciated stock at their current value, you must have owned the stock for more than 12 months. Such gifts are deductible up to 30 percent of your adjusted gross income (AGI) in the year of the gift. Any unused deduction amounts may be used in as many as five subsequent tax years. 
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Bequest Through Your Will

One of the most simple and popular ways to make a gift that will live after you is to give through your will. You can make a gift bequest to sustain medical, education or research programs by providing a dollar amount, specific property, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder (what's left). Such a designation can reduce your estate taxes. In many cases a simple change can add our organization to your will and does not require rewriting your most recent will.
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Charitable Remainder Trusts (Annuity & Unitrusts)

Donors and spouses can benefit from lifelong payments from such a trust. The donor selects the rate of return from these income arrangements and also chooses a fixed or fluctuating annual payment to be made to the designated parties as long as they live. Capital gains tax may be completely bypassed and you will receive a tax deduction based on the age of the income recipient and the rate of return chosen.
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Charitable Lead Trust

In a charitable lead trust, assets (generally cash or securities) are transferred to a trust that pays income from the fund to our organization for the number of years you determine. At the end of the designated time period, the trust terminates and the assets are given back to the persons you name. This trust helps to lower estate and gift taxes that would otherwise be due on the assets. This option is especially attractive if you want to leave your children or grandchildren assets in the future, but not immediately.
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Charitable Gift Annuity

In exchange for a gift of cash, stock or securities, we will pay you, you and your spouse, or another person you name, a guaranteed income for life. In addition, you receive a substantial income tax deduction in the year of the gift and part of the annual payment is non-taxable. Your annuity payment and tax deduction are based on your age and income or the age and income of the recipient. Upon your death or the death of the second person named, the gift remainder will support medical education and research at Saint Luke's.
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Deferred Gift Annuity

A deferred gift annuity is similar to a gift annuity except that payments begin for you at a future date of your choice, such as your retirement. Your tax deduction and the annual rate of return on your annuity increase the longer you wait to start payments. This is an excellent retirement planning method to implement during prime income producing years that will benefit you in your retirement years.
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Life Insurance

Life insurance is another simple way to make a substantial future gift at a level that would not be possible at the same level in cash. You can name our organization as owner and beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy so that Saint Luke's receives the proceeds. You will receive a tax deduction for approximately the cash surrender value, thereby reducing your tax liability in the year of the gift. An alternative is to purchase a new life insurance policy naming the Foundation as owner and beneficiary. With this option, you receive an income tax deduction for each premium made and will make possible a major gift to our organization with a modest annual payment (or a one-time premium payment).
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Real Estate

For some people, a gift of land, primary residence or vacation home is a preferred way to make a gift. You will receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value, avoid all capital gains tax and remove this asset from future estate taxes. One option is to give real estate while you retain a life tenancy. This provides a substantial income tax deduction by giving (deeding) your home or farm to the Foundation now. You continue to live there, maintain the property as usual, and even receive any income it generates. At your death, the property will be sold by the Foundation and the proceeds will support medical education and research at Saint Luke's.
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Creative Combinations

With planned gifts, one size does not fit all. Depending upon your specific circumstances and objectives, you may use one, or even several planned giving options to achieve your goals. Other planned giving strategies beyond the methods described here may be tailor-made just for you.
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A planned gift can touch future generations and make a far-reaching impact in the lives of our patients.