Making Miracles

One place for a family's high-risk pregnancy, then critically ill babies: Saint Luke's

Becky and Peter Lisner were relieved when they finally became pregnant after 14 years of marriage and waiting. But less than 26 weeks into her pregnancy, one of Becky's triplets wasn't thriving and her membranes ruptured prematurely. That's when Becky checked into Saint Luke's Hospital, which specializes in care for high-risk pregnancies and critically ill newborns.

Becky delivered four days later. Parker, Sydney, and Logan weighed less than two pounds each, with severely underdeveloped lungs and skin. And Parker had a congenital heart defect that required surgery. "It was a scary, scary ride," Becky said.

Right Place to Be

Parker would be the first baby at Saint Luke's to have the surgery needed for his type of defect. Until then, babies like Parker were transferred to another hospital for surgery—a risky move.

Every year more than 400 patients with high-risk pregnancies like Becky's seek treatment at Saint Luke's Hospital. It offers the region's most comprehensive services for high-risk pregnancies and births. In addition, neonatal intensive care is provided at the other three metro hospitals in Saint Luke's Health System.

Despite needing an entire team of nurses and specialists to help the triplets survive, the Lisners were never terribly worried about their infants. "I just knew they were being cared for in the best possible way," Becky said. "I knew everything would work out."


"I just knew they were being cared for in the best possible way. I knew everything would work out."

Becky Lisner, with husband Peter and triplets Sydney, Parker, and Logan

How Your Gift Helps

Private donations to Saint Luke's Women's and Children's Services help provide a full continuum of specialty services for women and infants, including high-risk pregnancy services and the highest level Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, according to national standards.