Treatment That Hits the Spot

Issac learned to cope with autism at The Children's SPOT, a place that promises hope

Between ages 2 and 3, Isaac hardly spoke. He spun in circles nonstop. And he couldn't cut paper with scissors or write with a crayon, which are typical behaviors for kids by age 3. "We knew children develop at different rates," said his dad, Marty. "But clearly Isaac was missing some milestones."

At 3, Isaac was diagnosed with autism—one of an estimated 1.5 million Americans with the disorder, which includes a range of developmental symptoms that affect social interaction and communication.

Help and Hope

Isaac and his parents were referred to The Children's SPOT (Speech, Physical, and Occupational Therapy) at Saint Luke's, where kids with such conditions as autism, cerebral palsy, complications from premature birth, chromosomal disorders, or general developmental delays learn and grow.

A speech therapist helped Isaac build his vocabulary; an occupational therapist worked to improve his cutting and writing skills; and a physical therapist helped bolster his upper body strength. He also learned social interaction, play, and pretend skills.

"When Isaac started at The Children's SPOT, he said six words," Marty said. "By the time he left three years later, he was prepared to begin kindergarten. It amazed us. And we couldn't be more grateful."

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"When Isaac started at The Children's SPOT, he said six words. By the time he left, he was prepared to begin kindergarten."

Marty, father of Isaac (pictured), former patient of The Children's SPOT

How Your Gift Helps

Private donations to The Children's SPOT help provide speech, physical, and occupational therapy to children with developmental delays and disabilities, regardless of their families' ability to pay.