Table Decorating

Stumped for a table theme?

Consider decorations that could keep on giving at The Children's SPOT. See photos and a list of ideas below.

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Consider table themes that help the SPOT

These are not only fun decoration ideas—they are gifts that can keep on giving at The Children's SPOT all year long.

  • Detective Table: Complete with key chain flashlights, flashlights, magnifying glasses, picture flashcards
  • Shape Table: Complete with a Perfection game, shaped pegs, and wooden puzzles (12 pieces or less)
  • Crayola Table: Complete with Pip Squeak markers, play dough, construction paper, dry erase markers and erasers, finger paints, water colors, tablet style chalkboards and dry erase boards (no easels)
  • Little People Table: Complete with Little People play sets
  • Sports Table: Complete with new tennis balls, inexpensive lightweight playground balls, Zoom Ball, Dizzy Disk, sport toys, and flashcards
  • Reading Table: Complete with books for preschool aged children, iTunes gift cards
  • Zoo People Table: Complete with Little People Zoo Set and animal games
  • Super Hero Table: Complete with Little People Super Heroes and comic books for grade school kids to read
  • Melissa and Doug Table: Complete with assorted wooden toys, especially games, cooking/food sets, and puzzles (12 pieces or less)
  • Camping Table: Complete with pop-up play tent, child size sleeping bags, flashlights, wooden food sets, toy bugs, and Let’s Go Fishin' game
  • Community Helpers Table: Complete with Little People or other community helper figures/playsets, community helper costumes/accessories, and wooden puzzles (12 pieces or less)
  • Game Table: Complete with Funny Bunny, Don’t Break the Ice, Count Your Chickens, Sneaky Snacky Squirrel and Learning Tree, Wal-Mart or Target Gift Cards
  • Playdough Table: Complete with lots and lots of playdough, tools, cutters, and play sets

Questions? Want to decorate your table? Please contact us at or (816) 932-7948.